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NPJ Consulting is currently working in real estate development on the island of Martha’s Vineyard and in Manhattan. You can see our current projects at these links

The Captain Morse House

38 East 70th Street

Indian Hill Road – Completed 2022

NPJ Consulting  LLC is dedicated to giving the best possible support for small businesses and property owners. This includes order handling for contractors, installers and designers.

Let us do the heavy work of ordering and procurement to allow you to concentrate on designing, building and installing.

Our dedicated team of professionals can order your merchandise or assist in design and procurement for businesses and individuals struggling with the pace of
technological change.

For businesses we specialize in increasing your bottom line through the appropriate use of technology. If you are considering adding technology or computerization to your small business or simply need an honest opinion and advice on the challenges you are facing we can help.

For property owners we can assist in moving properties from private residences to rental income. Estate considerations and planning can be coordinated while keeping your personal goals in mind.

For individuals, we offer hands-on training in your personal computer systems. Financial record keeping and simplification is what we are known for.

Platt Johnson, the president of NPJ Consulting, has thirty-five years of experience in the retail action sports industry and twenty-five years of experience administering business computer systems.
He has overseen five major property construction and
rehabilitation programs.

Nancy Johnson has worked as a buyer and store manager since 1981 in the actions sports industry and worked with North Face, Patagonia and Quiksilver among others.