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You can use a personal Gmail account to manage all of your other email addresses, including a corporate account.
Using a business account for personal email is not a good idea.
Your biz is set up to handle business risks. Having a personal email implies, to some, personal liability. So besides issues of professionalism you have this liability issue.
You can easily begin to move away from that by setting up your gmail account to handle mail from @yourcompany.com and use that address from within gmail.

There are two levels to setting this up.
1) When email is forwarded to you and you want to reply with a business email. This is good for casual users that are related to a business.
2) When you want to fully import all the email from a business account and reply from that same business account. Best for active business personnel.
No matter whether you are in situation 1) or 2) you should set up your email at Gmail to appear as if it is coming and going from @yourcompany.com


In Gmail click on the gear in the upper right of the screen and select settings
Click on the tab   Accounts and Import
under the section
Send mail as:
(Use Gmail to send from your other email addresses)

click on Add another email address
and enter the information for @yourcompany.com

At the bottom of this section see:
When replying to a message:
Check – Reply from the same address the message was sent to


You can also check mail from other accounts
Check mail from other accounts: Enter the information for @yourcompany.com (this may already be there if you are already getting @yourcompany.com email in your gmail inbox)

You can also set up your email to default send as @yourcompany.com
This will make it easier for you if you mostly send as @yourcompany.com

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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